Tales From My Backyard; what is in a name?

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There is this never-ending debate about what is in a name. One school of thought believes names possess the power to make or break you whiles the other thinks a name does not matter. Personally, I don’t really believe in names but I have come to realize names at some point are powerful especially in this part of the earth were you need to have a “name” or know a powerful “name” before you gain access to what you need. But let me ask; what is in a name?

Wikipedia defines a name as a term used for identification. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. In the book, Fela; b*tch of a life, he describes himself as being given birth to twice. According to him, in the first instance, his parents who are both Africans allowed a white missionary to name him Hildegart. “Yes, man. Hildegart! Oooooh, man! That’s how much I wasn’t wanted. Me, who was supposed to come and talk about blackism and Africanism, the plight of my people”. He said he felt that name like a wound and a rejection by his parents. According to him, his soul left his body for the world of spirits because he couldn’t bear the name hildergart. The above shows clearly how some people are so particular about their names. Per his analysis, if he had been given an African name, he would not have died in his first birth.

Gwendolyn and Cecily both characters in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ argues that people are shaped by how they are called. Like the title of the book, they believe being called Ernest is better than being Earnest. According to them the idea of being married to someone named Ernest has always appealed to them. They claim that this name ”inspires absolute confidence” because it means showing sincere and intense conviction.

In Shakespeare’s book; Romeo and Juliet, Juliet argues that it does not matter that Romeo is a Montague which is a rival house of Juliet’s. She discredits the power of a name by saying; “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” which is to say, she is not bothered by the name of her love interest but who he is as a person.

The above scenarios tell of how diverse our world is. Whilst one school of thought believes a name is very important, another believes it is not. But here in my native country, a name is important not for any purpose but to help you get your way through. Just imagine going to look for a job and you bear an influential name, I bet you won’t struggle like the person with an “ordinary” name. A name no matter how trivial it is is quite important on this part of our world. But let me hear your thoughts; WHAT IS IN A NAME?

Tales from my backyard, how we innocently kill our loved ones


For some time now I have been toying with the idea of committing suicide. what is making me do that is a story for another day. why am I writing this then; I want to draw our attention to our hypocrisy. we subtly urge people to do the unimaginable then turn back to show fake concerns.
I posted a suicide picture with the note ‘when the going gets tough’ on my WhatsApp status to see how people who claim to be friends, loved ones and family will react. To my dismay, out of the about 39 people who viewed it, it was only two people who were concerned enough to discourage me from going ahead with such a thing. the rest were silent majority who were waiting to hear I have gone ahead with it so they can compete for the who loved me the most award. They will be the people to be the first to put my picture up on their social media pages and pour fake tributes on me. they’ll tell their contacts how they loved me and never saw me doing such a thing. they are going to eulogize me in the sweetest way ever as if I meant the world to them but what did they do when I posted the picture? they looked on unconcerned.
this is how we lose people we love when we can do something about their problem. I was not expecting them to give me money or something but granted I had wanted to commit suicide their words of encouragement would have gone a long way to help. I hardly meet people and talk to them but one night after going to roam, I went to an indomie joint I’ve been patronizing and met a young lady there. After she was done eating I offered to walk her home; this is something I seldom do but I don’t know what happened to me. on our way, I realized she was moody and not really interested in the conversation I was engaging her in. when she got to her destination, I took her contact and returned home. I later called to find out what was wrong with her. From what she told me I got to know is battling suicidal thoughts because she feels the people who are to urge her on are rather suffocating her. “Okay I don’t want to leave this world but I feel like the discouragement in my life is too much”, she told me. With the little trauma lessons I have, I was able to talk her out of that situation and now she is living a happy life. Who knows what would have happened to this young lady if I had not met or spoken to her that night.
Let’s learn to show genuine concern to the people around us. It’s of no use when they are dead and we pour out our hearts and words to them. If there is something we can do, let’s do it when they have the eyes to see, ears to hear and the strength to appreciate it.

Tales from my backyard; letter to Mrs Ankrah

Dearest dear,
It was our elders in their own wisdom that said; One who is looking for a wife does not speak with contempt about women but may I be forgiven because I will be guilty after this. The matter at hand makes no room for formalities again pardon me.

Soon to be daughter of my father-in-law, I know by now you are apprehensive but don’t fret my love its something but nothing. I chanced on an article yesterday and the content is what has caused me to write to you this dawn. What is it about you may be wondering – it was about twenty-five women who were boasting about their promiscuity. Without shame (maybe they were ashamed but their message had no iota of it) they recounted and justified why they were defiling their matrimonial home and vows. Read it Here

Mother of my unborn heroes, I don’t know how I’ll react if I were in the shoes of any of the men whose wives made those revelations ( how would they even know when the identities of the women are hidden). Things like this give me a second opinion about marriage and as you already know I am against divorce and broken homes. I don’t know what you are being exposed to. The things you are reading and listening to. But one thing I know for sure is that when we finally get to be in each other’s arms you’ll be the Proverbs 31 kind of woman. That woman whose worth is far more than rubies, whose husband can boast of her at the gate where he sits among his kinsmen. That woman whose children call her blessed. Trust me, I am also working on myself to be that kinda husband you pray for.
My bestie, when for once you are confronted with the urge to defile our vows, remember why you chose to spend eternity with me. If that is not strong enough then look to our vows before God & our loved ones. When all these things are still not meaningful then file for divorce because that will be more dignifying than being promiscuous. Until I write to you again, live like I am close to you. Your love,


Traders encroaching Tema Station

vlcsnap-2018-01-16-14h54m28s132.pngDrivers at Tema station in Accra have expressed disappointment in the AMA for failing to evacuate traders who have encroached the lorry park. According to the drivers, the activities of the traders are alarming yet the metropolitan assembly is doing nothing about it.
Speaking to Nafti News, the local chairman of the La YMCA at the station, Mr. Joseph Sowah, explained that the presence of the traders is worrying. “You know it is dangerous to light a fire around where there is fuel but that is exactly what some of the food vendors do. When you complain they accuse you of witchhunting”, he said.
He further explained that the sanitation problem at the station is nothing to write home about. “Go out there and look into the drains, it is choked and the authorities are doing nothing. Ever since the station was built, there has not been any major renovation, we have to do everything with our monies despite paying our daily tolls”.
He called on the government to find a suitable place to relocate the traders.


The EIB network, organizers of Ghana’sdownload biggest outdoor event has offered an apology to artistes who were billed to perform at their annual S concert but could not.

In a post on the official Facebook account of it’s CEO, they expressed their heartfelt pain to the acts and their fans.

see post below:


At the 2017 edition of the annual S Concert event, some of our announced acts were not able to perform.

We regret this and take full responsibility. We would like to convey our sincere apologies to all concerned, especially Samini, Ebony and Mr. Eazi.

We also would want to apologize to the teeming fans who came out in their numbers to support these acts.

The S Concert platform remains one for all and we are sad this happened particularly to some of our most revered local acts.

To the thousands who showed up at this year’s S Concert, we owe you so much for being part of yet another historic edition. See you all next year, for a bigger and better event.

General Manager, Radio & Print

EIB Network

Kwasi Anim Adjei

Brymo Set to release new album and book

Brymo-BlackNigerian singer and songwriter, Brymo has announced the title of his yet to be released album and future projects.

The elated “Ara” singer took to micro blogging site Twitter to share the news with his followers.
In the tweet he said, “My new album is titled OṢÓ (the wizard), and is currently moving to the mixing and mastering phase. Theosoproject.com is the site dedicated to this project, my team will bring you updates there. I am also publishing my first book… I can’t wait for the new year.”
Born Olawale Ashimi but prefers to be called Olawale Olofo’ro, Brymo has six albums to his credit and was formerly signed to the Chocolate city music label.


when next you see the people who really care; tell them i have transmuted into what they thought i’d never became
Tell daddy am no longer that scared child
Tell mum am now a man
Tell granny am productive
Tell my sisters i stand on my own now
Tell my ex am all that she wanted me to be that i wasnt
Tell her i own a degree and am living my dream
Tell my future wife am laying a good foundation for us
To my unborn children, tell them am acquiring all the luxuries i never had for them
And to my past, let it know it no longer scares me.
Finally tell my future am prepared to face it..

Am never rich

Am never rich
Just a young chap trying not to be like daddy
I sometimes find his traits in me but my rebelling mind chases it away
I wanna get to the highest peak of the educational ladder
And express my mind on radio like that boy from bongo
But the system is foiling my struggles
Sometimes i feel like giving up
But i have an ex girlfriend to prove a point to
To the world am without a problem
But in my closet, i wail like the mother who lost her child at birth
I struggle, i cry, i laugh
And above all i rejoice that i have life
Sometimes i get frustrated at the system
But hey! My voice is like that lost boy in a big forest
It echoes but yeilds no results
Should i fight the system or keep praying and hoping
They say one day it’ll get better but what if that day never comes



porn infused brain

A pain plagued heart

Love dejected soul

Am a boy on the loose

A free bird who can not be caged

Is this me?

I can not tell because he who creates path

knows not that his back is crooked

Help me find myself through your eyes

Straighten every crooked path

But in so doing, do not be strict

Cos my brain is porn induced and my heart pain plagued

See not my broken reflection, but my being

through my window’s substance.

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